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Link from Your Site to Mondo Politico!

Like what you see at Mondo Politico? Why keep it a secret!?

Feel free to add a link to www.mondopolitico.com from your web site. We've provided three designs from which to choose (please do not design your own: Mondo Politico is a trade name). Just right-click on your mouse while hovering over the image of your choice. Then just save the image and add it to your web page with a link to https://mondopolitico.com...or to the part of Mondo Politico that relates to your site.

Our main condition: post only the image (and the html to make it link to www.mondopolitico.com, of course). Mondo Politico is non-partisan. Mondo Politico does not endorse the views of any person or organization and is not associated with or in partnership with any person, organization, ideology, cause, party, country etc.. Do not suggest, on your site, that Mondo Politico or www.mondopolitico.com does or is! Mondo Politico reserves all legal rights and may withdraw from any given person permission to use a Mondo Politico image. If that's all acceptable: link away!

We will be adding more banners over time. If you have a suggested design, please feel free to e-mail it to contact@mondopolitico.com .

In the meantime: Have fun, be polite, and make waves.