Elizabeth Rowley: Leader, Communist Party of Canada (Ontario) Sam Apelbaum: Leader, Libertarian Party of Ontario Frank De Jong: Leader, Green Party of Ontario Giuseppe Gori: Leader, Family Coalition Party of Ontario Ernie Eves: Leader, Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario Paul McKeever: Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario Dalton McGuinty: Leader, Liberal Party of Ontario Howard Hampton: Leader, NDP
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Click Here to read descriptions of Ontario's political parties, including a summary of their stands on the important issues. Includes links to each party's web site, policies, leader, etc..

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Political News

Click here for the results of recent political polls concerning Ontario politicians, parties, and issues.

Election 2003 Discussion

Click here to view the results of the 1999 Ontario General Provincial Election for each of the 103 Ontario ridings. Includes information about which party won the 1995 election, and by how many votes.

Election 2003 Discussion

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NOTICE: mondopolitico.com is owned and operated by Paul McKeever and has been since it was launched in 2000. In 2002, Paul McKeever was made leader of the Freedom Party of Ontario. This notice is provided because this Voter Guide pertains to an election in which Paul McKeever will be a candidate. Every effort is made at Mondo Politico to be factually accurate. If you find any errors in the Ontario Voter guide, please write to us at contact@mondopolitico.com. Any reported error that is in fact an error will be corrected. If you know of any political party that will be running candidates in Ontario, and that has not been included in the Voter Guide, please notify us and it will be added: we endeavor at all times not to engage in the mainstream media's practice of bias-through-silence.


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*Parties with a single focus or issue.

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*Smaller parties, typically with little public support and few if any candidates.

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