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Connie Fogal
Freedom Party
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Leader: Paul McKeever

Web Site:

Platform: 2008 Election Platform (Freedom Party of Canada is preparing to run its first slate of candidates in 2008)

Candidates: None for 2004.

The Party: Freedom Party of Canada ("FpC") is the recently founded federal counter-part to the Freedom Party of Ontario. The FpC is preparing its organization to run its first slate of candidates not in the 2004 election, but in the next one, expected to be called in 2008. FpC is getting an early start promoting its vision for Canada: it released its 2008 election platform on May 22, 2004, one day prior to the dropping of the writ for the 2004 election.

Arguably Canada's only capitalist party, Freedom Party proposes to reverse the trend of government involvement in economic matters. It would end corporate welfare in its various forms: specifically, it would eliminate subsidies to private businesses and their customers, it would eliminate monopolies on such things as satellite services and airline flight routes, and it would give consumers more choice and encourage competition by opening banking up to competition from foreign competitors. It would encourage freer international trade, but without compromising Canada's sovereignty: "Global Trade, Not Global Government" is how they put it. It would restore funding sources to the arts and sports communities by lifting bans on the marketing of legal products (such as cigarettes and alcohol). It would also take definite steps to end inflation. The party would also end the taxation of capital and capital gains, and would eliminate surtaxes. It would replace the current "progressive" rates of income taxation with a single rate for all Canadians. Government would be prohibited from borrowing, except to finance the military during a war in the defence of Canada. A Freedom Party government would eliminate mandatory participation in the CPP, return excess EI premiums to those who paid them, and eliminate foreign content restrictions on RRSPs.

Socially, Freedom Party would end government spending on culture, and leave cultural evolution to Canadians. It would eliminate the CRTC's power to censor radio and TV content, eliminate Canadian content requirements, and allow Canadians to buy channels, such as Al-Jazeera, that offend some tastes. It would end marijuana prohibition, release from prison/custody all who have been charged or convicted of a marijuana offence, and clear marijuana offences from every Canadian's record. It would recognize all unions of heterosexual and homosexual couples, but would call no union a "marriage", instead using the more inclusive term "civil union", and leaving the definition of the word "marriage" to Canadians themselves.

In terms of government, Freedom Party would adhere to the division of law-making powers set out in Canada's constitution: the federal government would cease to dictate provincial policy in matters falling into exclusively provincial jurisdiction, such as health care, education, and property. Freedom Party would limit federal spending to only those things over which the federal Parliament has the authority to make laws. Freedom Party would require all international agreements to be ratified by Parliament, and would prohibit the delegation of law-making, law-enforcement, or judicial functions to international bodies: Freedom Party wants Canada to remain in full control of its destiny. Freedom Party would prohibit "reading-in" and "reading-down/out" by the judiciary to eliminate the anti-democratic effects of "judicial activism". Freedom Party would also replace the appointment of trial judges with public elections of trial judges, and allow judges to sit only for a single, 10 year term.


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Freedom Party

Freedom Party

Freedom Party

Freedom Party